Trampoline Fun: Top Tips To Beat The Heat This Summer!

February 02, 2021

With temperatures rising throughout New Zealand, it’s time to get out and enjoy the glorious sunshine and these long summer days! Although your Jumpflex trampoline may be designed to withstand the hot kiwi sun, the little ones that jump on it may need extra protection! Here are 4 tips to keep your kids cool this Summer!

Jumpflex trampolines

1. Slip, slop, slap and wrap
Reduce jumping time between the hottest hours of the day, generally 10am - 4pm to reduce the risk of sunburn. Also make sure jumpers are covered up wearing tshirts, hats and plenty of sunblock.

2. Add a splash of water
Grab our AquaJet™ which connects to your hose and showers down cool drops of fun. You can also add water balloons, a great game to play and it helps cool down the trampoline. 

Thanks to @TigerTime for sharing this great video!


3. Add shade protection
You can also check out our SmartShade™ which provides great protection from the hot sun (suitable for our littlest jumpers up to 8 years old). Handy tip - make sure the shade you buy matches your trampoline size.


4. Keep the kids hydrated
Bouncing on your Jumpflex trampoline is actually great exercise and the kids may spend hours playing all sorts of games on their trampoline. Check out our blog here for a range of awesome trampoline games your kids can play. Make sure you keep the drinks cool for the little ones or you could even try making some healthy home made ice-blocks for them - yum!

So how do you and the kids keep cool in the summer? Find us on Instagram or Facebook. We'd love to see your videos and photos. Tag us or use #jumpflextrampolines. Happy bouncing!