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Quality made & built to last

Jumpflex Trampolines have been designed and built from the ground up for safety and durability

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Group 4 Serious Safety Pads

Jumpflex uses a high-quality PVC to wrap dense foam inserts for superior safety, protection, and longevity. Jumpflex safety pads go through strict quality control to ensure each pad is UV treated to exceed ​Intertek colour fastness test (AS 2001.4.B02-2001​)​. This gives our PVC a greater life span. Jumpflex safety pads also have great features such as spring pockets and webbing ties to secure the pad tightly to the frame and individual pad segment driainholes to stop water from pooling.

Curved Safety Net Poles

Our unique curved safety net poles are a brilliant feature (and not just because they look fantastic). The curve significantly increases the distance to the safety net. This design benefit means that it is extremely unlikely to make contact with the safety net poles. Combine this with our incredibly strong netting and what you get as result is when the net is under tension, you have a jumping environment that's incredibly safe.

Robust Netting

Go crazy! Flip, spin, twirl, tumble - you’ll never break through a Jumpflex trampoline safety net. Our tailor-made safety nets start life as a 100% polyester thread. This is then treated with UV stabilizers and fed into a specialized machine that weaves the thread into the diamond finish called a Rashel Knotless weave which makes the net incredibly strong yet soft to touch.

Page 1 Extension Springs

Sprung trampolines deliver the most consistent performance,
especially when you put as much research and effort into the
spring technology as JumpFlex has. The first comment we
always get is, "Wow, awesome bounce!" Jumpflex springs are high tensile and deliver a smooth deep bounce. Jumpflex springs are also Zinc treated for corrosion resistance for performance, safety, and longevity

Designed for safety

Jumpflex has a single focus: Trampolines, that’s what we do! So naturally we have focused our efforts on perfecting and producing a safe, high-quality trampoline.

Consisting of a heavy duty, rust resistant frame, thick and durable PVC padding and a UV resistant net that seals to the jumping mat to wrap it all up.
A Jumpflex trampoline ticks all the boxes.​

It's been our goal to develop a trampoline that restricts any impact with the steel of the frame. We've achieved this with a safety net design that uses SafeSeal technology which completely seals the net to the jump mat.

Our design puts JumpFlex amongst ​the safest trampolines on the market.​

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More fun with accessories

We have developed a range of unique and exciting accessories to compliment our Jumpflex trampolines.

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