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Classic 100 City
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Classic 100 City

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Designed for safety

Jumpflex has a single focus: Trampolines, that’s what we do! So naturally, we have focused our efforts on perfecting and producing a safe, high-quality trampoline. ​
JumpFlex Trampolines have been designed and built from the ground with safety and durability our key focuses.

The two common questions we are asked by customers are; how long will your pad and net last and what is your warranty for your trampoline? This is because many trampolines out there are not created equal. Customers have either owned or know someone who has owned a trampoline that simply never lived up to their expectations.

This was in part why Jumpflex came about. To provide trampolines that lasted. Jumpflex has invested a lot into R & D to make sure quality materials are used so that your trampoline will withstand the harsh outdoor environment, particularly the net and pad.

Robust netting. Built to last

Jumpflex netting won't fade, it's soft to touch and most importantly is incredibly strong keeping bouncers safe. Our custom-made safety nets start life as a single weave 100% polyester thread. This is then treated with UV stabilizers and fed into a specialized machine that weaves the thread into a continual diamond finish that you see on your Jumpflex trampoline. This process is called a 'Raschel Knotless' weave. This is one of the strongest weave formations available. In fact, it’s so strong, that this type of netting is most commonly used for commercial fishing boats as catch nets, holding 1000kgs of fish!

Jumpflex nets are tailor made to each trampoline which creates a refined profile that looks great in any backyard.

It's all about the Bounce

Sprung trampolines will always deliver the best bounce, especially when you put as much research and effort into the spring technology as JumpFlex has. The first comment we always get is, "Wow, awesome bounce!"
We use a high tensile extension spring, combined with solid 2mm T joint assemblies, creating a strong stable base to produce a smooth deep bounce for maximum air time.
Ideal for young to older jumpers of weights between 20kg - 90kg.​​ Jumpflex trampolines have been tested to a maximum user weight of 250kg

I was born with Chameleon Super Powers!

The power to blend into my environment.
A black powdered coat finish and clean lines make the JumpFlex trampoline blend into its surroundings. A trampoline shouldn't be an eyesore in your backyard and JumpFlex have made sure this isn't so.


Jumpflex uses a high-quality PVC to wrap dense foam inserts for superior safety, protection, and longevity.
UV and moisture are the two of the main contributing factors attributed to degradation of trampoline padding. Jumpflex recognized this and has made a pad that is highly resistant to UV, is self-draining and will outperform many competitor pads out there that have not considered the end use and actual real word application.
Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, they simply fade and crack and need to be replaced within 6-12months, hence their 12-month limited pad warranty offered by many competitors. With Jumpflex, we offer 2 years warranty on our pads!


Spring Count 64
Spring Length 180mm
Weight Rating 150kg
Frame Gauge 42mm
Safety Frame Gauge 32mm
No. of Boxes 2
Total Product Weight 75kg

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