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Perfect your tricks

Practice your tricks on the safety of your Jumpflex™ trampoline
Perfect your technique and nail those landings before taking your flips and spins to the park, snow or wake. Lightweight design allows you to easily bounce to get maximum height.

Secure velcro bindings

Heavy duty webbing straps and stainless buckle
Robust bindings tighten directly to your foot or shoe to create a solid attachment.
No slip textured foam foot platform

High density EVA foam

High density EVA foam is flexible yet resilient to stretching or breaking. The FlexBoard is soft enough so that it will bend during crashes, so don't hesitate to attempt those big air twists.

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January 2017

Successful acquisition 
- 9yo mastered his FlexBoard quickly and was soon doing all sorts of stunts. He's keen to try it out at "Jump".


August 2016

Posted - 
Loved by toddlers, kids and dad's alike!


December 2015

Jordie boy is REALLY happy with his new toy - 
Purchased this flexboard for my grandson (12) who is an up and at it wakeboarding fanatic. He is thrilled with it and uses it every day as he can practise his jumps, stunts and moves without the water, allowing him to improve these and become more savey for on the water. Wonderful exercise too


November 2015

New fun on an old tramp - 
My kids have had a tramp for a few years and although they love it the Flexboard has given them a new way to utilise the tramp. None of their friends have a Flexboard either so it has given hours of entertainment to visitors, neighbours etc.
They are getting quite good and have spent time surfing the net to find new tricks to do with them. A great thing to purchase if you want your kids outside enjoying the fresh air!


November 2014

Crazy Fun !! - 
Only had ours for a week so the kids are still getting the hang of it but I was surprised at how sturdy it is and am really pleased with the quality. I can see they will have tonnes of fun over the summer.

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