Jumpflex at work: Staying active in the office!

Monday 26 June

On average we spend 40 hours a week at work, and for those of us in an office or doing something quite stationary it can mean a lot of inactivity.

Movement and exercise is not only healthy but can increase motivation and productivity as well, so it's a win win!

Here are 5 ways to stay active in the workplace


Switch to a swiss ball

Jumpflex office Swiss ball chair

Sitting on a swiss ball stops you being able to slouch in your chair and improves your posture.

The jury is still not out on whether or not sitting on a swiss ball is better for you in the long run but staying balanced and not leaning back in my chair definitely has me moving around more.

Every 30 minutes or so adding 1 minute of swiss ball exercise is a fun and easy way to incorporate exercise into your work routines.


Talk to your colleagues!

This one’s pretty self explanatory… stop emailing or calling your colleagues. Having something to communicate is the best excuse to get up and stretch your legs. Better yet avoid the elevator at all costs, stairs are free leg workouts.


Add a stationary exercise to your day

 If you spend a lot of the day standing try do some calf raises every hour. If you spend it sitting down then throw in some glute squeezes. You’ll thank me later ;)

Stationary exercises don’t require a lot of movement but can help with circulation and toning.


Walk or bike to work

We don’t all have the luxury of being walking or biking distance from work but we can almost always pick a walking distance from work to park up and finish the commute by foot!

This is a simple yet often overlooked way to get some movement into the day when you are pressed for exercise time.

jumpflex walk


Jumpflex at work: Staying active in the office!