Why Buy A Jumpflex® Trampoline?

6 April 2022 · Latest News


Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a Jumpflex® trampoline and join the family! 

1. We're the original kiwi trampoline brand 🇳🇿

Like many entrepreneurial stories, ours starts in Matt and Stephen's parent’s shed in 2009. This is where the first Jumpflex trampoline was born: a new design that was so much more family friendly than other trampolines of the time—safer, longer-lasting, and a much more attractive backyard feature. While its contemporaries were often ending up in landfills, this trampoline was designed for families to love and have for life.

It didn’t take long for our distinctive black and green trampolines to start poking up over the fences of kiwi backyards across the country.

Since then, especially with kids increasingly preferring screen time over active play, we’ve made it our mission to change the world of play for children and their families.

Jumpflex Play for Life

We've spent 11 years refining our trampolines into what they are today and we couldn't be more proud. 
Our trampolines are now being sold in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, the UK and Canada!
While children north of the equator are jumping in the snow and building snowmen on their trampolines, southern hemisphere folks are all about family BBQs and bouncing water play. We’re spreading play around the world!  How cool is it to think we're all united by a neon green trampoline!



2. Our trampolines have a huge weight rating and epic warranty

Our 10ft trampoline comes with a 150kg weight rating, perfect for the little ones. Our larger sizes (12ft,14ft,15ft) have a huge weight rating of 250kg, which is the total weight a trampoline can hold. This means mum and dad can join the fun too, and ensures you don’t ‘bottom out’ i.e touch the ground when jumping. Here's more info on trampoline weight ratings.

You’ll get an epic warranty - 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the mat, 3 years on the springs to keep your trampoline looking sharp.

Check out this family of 6 having fun on our 15ft trampoline!



3. Safety first

It’s no fun when things go wrong. Jumpflex trampolines are designed to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Every component has been suped up for safety and durability:

  • Super sturdy base built with thick, high-quality steel? Check.

  • All metal components coated with 6 layers of long-lasting protective processes? Check.

  • High-strength, UV-protected, incredibly durable net? Check.

  • Safety seals, more space between you and the poles, safety pads and mats. Check, check and check!

  • Anchor kit so your trampoline doesn’t want to fly away like a giant kite? Yup, check there too. Check out our Anchor Kit in action during a storm in Victoria, Australia.


4. We are all about fun

Here at Jumpflex we do things differently.

Family and fun is at the heart of everything we do. Our mantra is to 'play for life' so this is what we live and breathe.

A Jumpflex trampoline is for families who want to play and have fun together! A  trampoline gets everyone unglued from their screens and out in the fresh air, bouncing, splashing, sliding, and giggling!

Add to that a range of awesome accessories and you can create the ultimate fun station in your yard.

Here at the Jumpflex HQ we have fun too! The Jumpflex team is just one big quirky, fun-loving family, fuelled on caffeine and… adrenaline. Between the birthday cakes, baby showers, and arguing between curry or burgers for the team lunch, they can often be found scaring the pants off each other (and adding the resulting hilarious photos to the ‘Jumpflex Fright Files’).

5. Our Customer Support team are here for you

We know a trampoline is a big investment and will soon become your kid's most treasured possession. If something breaks or you have a trampoline travesty, we will do our best to get you sorted.

We have a dedicated Customer Support team (who love a good dress up day!) committed to solving your problems (trampoline related) to get you back up and bouncing as soon as possible. We sell spare parts for our trampolines so you can have many years of happy bouncing!


6. Our reviews speak for themselves

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and want you to have an amazing experience.
But don’t trust our word, trust these guys! We have thousands of customers all around the world. Read our reviews on:


7. Trampolines are all we do and care about

We've spent more than 10 years playing with our trampolines and accessories. And by "playing" we mean refining and perfecting our trampolines and accessories until they're the best, safest, most family - friendly out there. We think that by now you can consider us experts in "playing for life" (and trampolines).

8. We only sell trampolines that we  would use ourselves

We're really family orientated here at Jumpflex and most of the team have children, so naturally we have Jumpflex trampolines at home and love them! This means they get thoroughly play tested and refined by even the founders at home!


Stephen on his Jumpflex trampoline

Stephen playing on the Flexboard outside his house

9. We're committed to giving back

Jumpflex® are active in supporting communities through sponsorship, events, working with local schools and charities.

We have set up a free play park with our trampolines for our local community outside our head office.

Jumpflex Trampolines outside the Jumpflex HQ

Jumpflex® is also actively conscious and proactive to the environmental impact of our products. We recycle steel, cardboard, bi-products and minimize wastage.

Proud Supporters of:

Kids in Need Waikato

The Jumpflex team and Kids in Need Waikato with Linda Roil

Chris assembling a Jumpflex Trampoline

Chris (our champion installer!) assembling a Jumpflex trampoline at a Women's refuge

Chris and Sarah from the Kindness Collective

 Chris and Sarah from the Kindness Collective

10. We help young athletes reach their potential

We are also super proud to run the Jumpflex Athletes Programme which aims to equip young athletes with the mindset and tools necessary to ‘play for life' and take it to the next level in their chosen sports. Watch this space because we have future karting, BMX, trampoline, and surfing champions in the making!

Jumpflex is also a major sponsor of fun family events such as the 2022 NZ Nitro Circus Tour in New Zealand sharing our passion for outrageous fun and action sports.

 Left to Right: Jumpflex Athletes: Brie, Flynn, Nixon and Levi. Just missing Taylor!