Spring Trampolines vs Springless Trampolines

16 February 2023 · Latest News


There are a number of reasons that spring-based trampolines are often considered a better option than springless trampolines for every day use. As you start to look for a quality trampoline that will stand the test of time, these key spring-based trampoline benefits are worth considering:

Durability: Spring trampolines are typically more durable than springless trampolines. The springs, especially the high-tensile extension springs which Jumpflex uses, are designed to withstand constant use and exposure to the elements, which means they are less likely to break or wear out over time. Conversely, excess weight or continued high use may see springless trampoline models lose tension overtime, potentially resulting in a lesser jumping experience.

Better bounce: Spring-based trampolines provide a higher and more controlled bounce compared to springless trampolines. Importantly, the springs allow for a more elastic and responsive jumping surface, which can be helpful for activities such as gymnastics, acrobatics or kids learning tricks!

Safer: Spring-based trampolines often have a more forgiving surface compared to springless trampolines. The springs absorb a significant amount of the impact when jumping, which helps reduce the risk of injury. Springless trampolines may have a more rigid surface, absorbing less force, which sometimes can be more jarring on the body when landing.

Maintenance: Spring trampolines are also easier to maintain compared to springless trampolines. The springs can be easily replaced if they become damaged or worn, whereas repairing a springless trampoline may require more extensive repairs or replacement of the entire jumping mechanism.

It Is What The Best Use!: For many of the reasons above, spring trampolines are what the best trampolinists in the world use when competing in trampoline events - whether it be at the Olympics, World Championships or a Regional competition.

Overall, while some springless trampolines may have their own unique advantages, spring-based trampolines are generally considered to be a better overall choice for most users due to their superior bounce, safety, durability, and ease of maintenance.