Trampoline Exercise: Jump Your Way To Fit

26 July 2021 · Latest News

Looking for a new way to keep fit which is fun, accessible, and effective? Then don’t look past trampoline jumping: as a veritable HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workout (but without the drill-sergeant personal trainer)!

Rebounding on a trampoline is a great way to reawaken your passion for exercise. With such a varied set of physical and mental benefits, you’ll have ample reason to make a trampoline your best-loved backyard fixture today.

Here are 6 reasons why trampolining should be your new way to keep fit and have fun!

Jumpflex trampoline

1. Save your joints

You’ve only got one set of joints, so why ruin them with harsh cardio? Opt for a rebound on the tramp instead. Trampoline jumping takes away 80% of the strain gravity puts on our weight-bearing joints, meaning that you can rest assured in the knowledge that your cardio workout isn’t going to lead to shin splints and sprains, or even arthritis in the long-term.

2. Move the entire body

Rebounding is a uniquely holistic form of exercise. It targets near every muscle, from the legs to the arms, to the core – even more so if you combine straight jumping with a variety of targeted exercises to form a full-body trampoline workout. Start by alternating your straight up-and-down jumps with burpees, split jumps, frog jumps, and one-legged hops. Better yet, bring onto the tramp some small arm weights or perhaps an exercise band, and implement these pieces of equipment into your session to tone your arms, abs, and inner thighs. 

People often underestimate how much exercise you get when jumping on a trampoline, yet it is scientifically proven that it provides a full body workout which many find easier than higher impact forms of fitness. Read more about the health benefits of trampoline exercise here.

3. Enjoy it at any age or stage

Precisely because trampoline jumping is so easy on the joints and bones, it makes for an activity that’s perfectly compatible with more fragile bodies. Whether you’re a young child or a senior, trampolines are a safe piece of exercise equipment regardless of fitness level or age.

4. Increased endurance

Many studies have shown that regular trampoline workouts – even as little as 30 minutes a day – significantly increase endurance, meaning that you’ll be able to run, swim and play a sport for longer. If you’re already a sports athlete yet you’re finding it difficult to improve your cardiovascular fitness, then adding some trampoline work to the end of your usual training will do wonders for your PB's.

5. Defend against disease

Believe it: trampoline jumping can shield against even that most terrifying of diseases, cancer. By encouraging the active circulation of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, regular rebounding will help to actively destroy your body’s cancerous cells – and if you’ve got a healthy diet and lifestyle to start with, that’s even better.

6. Better your flexibility

Gone is the era of enforced school gymnastics and weekly dance meets. These days, many people struggle even to touch their toes, and if you’ve got a sedentary career, chances are that could be you. Buying a trampoline and doing regular workouts is a fantastic means of improving your body’s ability to bend, and since so many of the best moves require a little flexibility (backflips, for example, or straddle jumps), you’ll be immediately motivated to invest a little more time into stretching. We even sell a range of trampoline accessories, such as a Flexboard or our Projam basketball hoop which will certainly help to improve your flexibility.