3 Activities To Keep The Kids Busy This School Holidays!

25 April 2021 · Latest News

Make these school holidays memorable with activities that you can do whatever the weather! Here at Jumpflex we are big believers in encouraging children to get outdoors and play for life! There's nothing more fun than going to fly a kite in a local park or simply playing games in your own backyard! So we’ve come up with 3 ideas that will keep the kids busy these school holidays.

1. Make and design your own kite!
What better way to enjoy the weather than to fly kites?
For this activity you will need wooden sticks, kite material (get creative!), tape and kite string or fishing line.
Here’s healthykids quick and easy guide to making and flying kites!

2. Keep warm with the PROJAM™ & FLEXBOARD

Encourage the kids to have fun and stay active through exercise and playing games with our ProJam basketball accessory or our Flexboard. Our fun accessories add to the bouncy trampoline experience! But which is best? It’s up to you!

Add a competitive aspect to the mix with the PROJAM. It’s great motivation for developing ballers! The time they’ll spend getting air time and perfecting their dunk or shooting hoop will definitely keep them from feeling chilly. Especially if they race for the ball when it accidentally gets out!

Achieve maximum bounce with the FLEXBOARD! With all the tossing and turning to perfect tricks, the kids are sure to break a sweat. Get them ready to show off their board sporting skills and be the talk of the tramp!

3. Capture your own epic slow-motion dance moves or slam dunks!

When going outside isn't an option, make sure you have some footage saved for an awesome indoor project. Bring out the creative inside! Apps like iMovie for Apple and VivaVideo for Android allow for free mobile editing. The kids could make montages of their best trampoline tricks or even epic slow-motion dunks! The possibilities are endless! We’d love to see what you can come up with, so once you’ve made a video tag us on Facebook or Instagram using our hashtag #jumpflex.
Here’s an example!