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Jump up - slide down

So much more than a trampoline.
The JumpSlide brings together two great
outdoor toys, creating the ultimate fun station!
Maximise the use of your JumpFlex trampoline
with the JumpSlide slide accessory.

Transform your Jumpflex trampoline

Create the ultimate fun station.
The JumpSlide™ securely connects directly to your
Jumpflex trampoline. Moulded handles provide a
secure and safe start point before you slide on down.
Position it beside your ladder and take advantage
of the quick and fun way off of your
Jumpflex trampoline!

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Glenn Bartley

January 2017

Great addition to the Tramp - 
This is an excellent addition to the tramp, great way for the kids to get down, especially for the younger ones.
Little bit fiddly to get the bolts through etc but got there in the end.


January 2017

Slide is fab - 
Love the slide but putting the handles in were difficult. No instructions included but did find some online so i was happy. This was the hardest thing to put together. Everything else was easy. Thanks


December 2016

Great product if can get it together - 
The slide is an awesome product however putting the bars in was difficult. First there is no instructions and have to download from site so atleast somewhere to get, but the bolts don't go through properly and require a lot of force.
Would be nice if the holes through the steel were more aligned with the slide holes so easier to bolt.

Stephanie Kaye

December 2016

Great add on addition - 
Bought more for added safety feature so our Grandson could negotiate on and off the tramp at his own pace, hes just 18 months old and he is very confident, still needs parental care and help, but he absolutely luvs his new slide........


December 2016

Missing instructions and tight fitting parts= snap! - 
Not having much luck with the accessories, first the Projam does not fit my type of Jumpflex trampoline and now a broken slide turning out to be a very bad birthday present for my daughter. The main problem is the metal slide handles are very tight and yes I did use care and put them in evenly and still the part where the handles go in cracked, things were not helped with a lacking of instructions and no video or online manuals do not help, they have every video including the very simple Aquajet (4 screws) but not the slide!!!


December 2016

The Kids love it - 
Last year I purchased a slide for one lot of grandchildren it was so good I have purchased one for another lot of grandchildren. 

It was delivered very promptly and is easy to install.

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